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Price: $19.95
Item Number: 83194
This excellently written and acted mini-series from the BBC, based on Alan Hollinghurst’s Booker prize winning novel about a gay man’s sexual and political awakening in ‘80s England is compelling viewing. In 1983, Margaret Thatcher's conservative government is cutting social services for the poor and giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy. England is turning into a nasty consumer culture and if you're not part of it, you're lost. Nick Guest (handsome newcomer Dan Stevens) is a working class gay boy who finds himself drawn into the wealthy and politically connected Fedden family, progressing from college chum of son, Toby (his object of lust), and guardian for their troublemaking daughter, Cat (the spunky Hayley Atwell), to a close family confidant. We follow Nick’s life through wild 80’s-style parties, luxury vacations in France and his love affairs with first a black bank clerk and then a Lebanese millionaire. Besides Nick's love life, which is quite juicy, we also track the family's emotional ups and downs over the next four years through sex and financial scandals, political double crossings and the pernicious inroads AIDS makes into '80s London.

This mini-series is crafted with the sumptuous production values and attention to detail that the BBC is well known for. The Line Of Beauty is sure to become a classic in the same way that Brideshead Revisited and Queer As Folk have. This is one gay DVD you'll want to see over and over again; we have.

 -- Michael McGonigle

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