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In another anti-gay step, Mr. Putin signed a bill imposing jail terms and fines on those who offend religious believers, seen as a response to last year's anti-Putin stunt by the punk band Pussy Riot in a Moscow cathedral. Rights activists and Western governments have criticised both bills as part of an unprecedented crackdown on dissenting voices after Mr. Putin returned to the Kremlin last year. Opponents have called the bill homophobic and so vaguely-defined that it would inevitably be used arbitrarily and stir anti-gay sentiment in the country. However, it sailed through parliament, and Putin had promised in advance that he would sign it.

The fines go up to as much as 200,000 rubles ($6,250) for officials if such "propaganda" is disseminated through the media or Internet.

Foreigners will not only be fined but face administrative arrest up to 15 days and eventual deportation, the law says. Organizations face fines of up to one million rubles and a shutdown of their activity for 90 days.

In turn, these laws and the current political environment in Russia has created a toxic and dangerous climate for gays living in Russia.

Show your support for our Russian Brethren and voice your dissent and opposition by wearing ajaxx63's artistic interpretation of Nyet! (NO!) and anger for Putin. White ultra-lightweight cotton tee with 3-color neon pink and grey tones. Send a clear message of protest to the world that we cant and wont put up with this.

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